{ Tuesday, April 26, 2005 }

Tuesday is the New Thursday

Hi friends! I've had two whole hard lemonades... apparently people who eat their vegetables are lightweights.

So, last night, because you'd never believe the amount of produce we're consuming in this apartment, I chopped up and ate some strawberries (with sugar). Well, I left the little strawberry tops on the cutting board.

This evening, I was chopping vegetables for our dinner (are you noticing a theme here? My entire home life has seemingly become consumed with produce), and Steady was cleaning up. He took the trash out.

Naturally, I thought the red spot on the carpet was something that had fallen out of the trash can. It was still wet. I guessed it was Gatorade. So, I scrubbed the spot.

Then, I found another red spot on the way to the door. I figured out that it was strawberries, but I couldn't figure out how strawberries would have gotten smeared on the carpet. Steady rubbed two brain cells together, found a spark, and said "like little strawberry cat prints?"

Yes, you can pretty much figure out exactly how the cat spent his day, once he jumped on the counter and walked through the strawberries I left up there, by following the little red paw prints.

Today I had to go to the dentist. Back in December I had a root canal (I'm not looking up the link, because I am very very lazy). I hadn't had the "build up and crown" done yet.

Well, I wasn't thrilled with my dentist. My entire office seemingly goes and sees one dentist. So, I made an appointment with him for the build up and crown. And that was today. Last night, I was poking around in the spot where the "build up and crown" would be and it occured to me that it felt very different from immediately after the root canal. Yeah, I'd totally lost the temporary filling.

They did the build up, but I can't have the crown right now. I have to decide first, would I rather eventually have an implant or a bridge for the spot where that other tooth was?

Dentist The Last told me that implants were my only option since my teeth are "too weak" for bridges. Dentist Before That said that bridges were my only option since my jaw bone is "too weak" for an implant. Dentist The Current says I have my choice and they should both be fine. He also admitted that he hadn't done any research on the topic.

What I can have, the thing that my last four dentists have denied me, is a teeth cleaning. The other dentists seemed to think that brushing them vigorously might turn my teeth to dust on contact, but this guy is willing to take on that risk. Tomorrow at seven am (!!), I am supposed to be at his office to have my teeth cleaned.

Then after that, he seems to think that the tooth that the last three dentists wanted to root canal about just needs some drilling and some filling. How did he determine this? Well, first he took the blunt end of the drill and beat me about the molar a bit. When I confirmed that it didn't hurt, he took some x-rays. He seems to think it's just a conventional cavity.

And after the conventional cavity, we have those other five teeth needing repair since at least 2003.

Also, a peridontist came and measured my gums. It was pretty entertaining with all the poking and calling out numbers. I got a 100% on my gum exam. I was also advised to get my teeth cleaned. And I got to say "I have an appointment for that! Tomorrow at seven am!"

And on that note, I have to be up, like, before I normally go to bed so I can be farther from home than work at seven am, and I have to go listen to my boyfriend discuss walking through strawberries with the cat. (Have I told you how cute it is when he talks to the cat like they're peers?)

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