{ Wednesday, April 27, 2005 }

The Earliest Week

I made it to my dentist appointment this morning. It happened at seven am. In the morning. Far, far from my home, near my office.

And the nice lady cleaned my teeth!

I got good marks for not having plaque build-up on my teeth themselves. Go $100 toothbrush, go! I did not get such good marks on flossing, but my gums were evaluated as "just right" yesterday. So, I win!

So, that was Early Morning the First. I did it. And I arrived at work 45 minutes early. With really clean teeth.

I have to go back to the dentist in a couple weeks to get some more work done.

Early Morning the Second happens tomorrow. I forgot to bring the stuff I need to take to the meeting home with me. So now, in addition to leading a meeting and bringing the breakfast thirty miles from this apartment at eight in the morning, I have to stop by work first and get the documents.

Early Morning the Third happens on Friday. It happens across the street from the office, again at eight am, same meeting, different folks. This time I am not in charge of breakfast except in that I ordered it.

posted by mary ann 7:35 PM