{ Monday, March 14, 2005 }

The Latest

Saturday night, after our big journey (see next entry), Steady looked at me and said, "Do you have SimCity on this computer?" I do, but I couldn't find the disc.

Now that it had been suggested that he would play SimCity with me, it suddenly became imperative that we find that disc. SimCity is one of my favorite things to do. I called off the search without finding the CD. Then I announced I was going to go to Wal*Mart and replace it.

My boyfriend, who is much better to me than anyone deserves really, agreed to come along to Wal*Mart for a big Saturday night of re-aquring and playing SimCity. I had to get dressed first, because this was what I was doing on Saturday night. Anyway, we survived the trip to Wal*Mart and then a trip to Subway where we split a sandwhich.

I didn't tell you about Friday night. So, Friday night I got it into my head that I wanted a veggie burger from Ruby Tuesday. We went downtown and found parking and blahblahblah... their nutrition facts are right there on the table! Isn't that just the best idea ever? (It totally is if you're gonna get the veggie burger. It totally isn't if you were aspiring to the chicken in cream sauce dish that Steady was gonna order before he found out it has 1800 calories.) I need to write them a letter telling them what a good idea that was.

Anyway, we ended up playing SimCity well into the night Saturday night. Then Sunday was a day of nothing. I went to his house in the evening and we cooked dinner.

Can you believe that? There was chopping and actual cooking. We had vegetable fajitas. We almost never eat together and in, because we don't really like the same things. (Steady doesn't eat fake meat yet.) And when we do eat in and together, it's take out or delivery or two different frozen entrees. But Sunday night we cooked. It was very exciting.

Yesterday on my way to work, my check engine light came on. The first thought that sprung into my head was how last week when I got gas, I saw the engine cap fly off of the roof and out into the traffic as I pulled across the street. I didn't stop for it because I didn't want to be killed.

So, after work (I arrived at work at 7:57 yesterday. Sadly, it was 9:15 today. Last week I was at work at or before 9 four times.), I headed over to Auto Zone. They diganosed the check engine as a 1456. I got a gas cap and headed on my way.

Pratt was nice enough to google that for me. It's one of the codes that means gas vapors are getting out. The light it still on, but I have faith that it'll reset soon.

Then, because it was so early, I went and got a car wash. Can you believe it? I even had them scrub the carpets and everything. My car smells like a wet dog now, and there's still mango on the dashboard, but it's amazingly clean. Shockingly clean.

The point of getting it clean now and not right before Mom and the stepfather come is realism. If I really get the house immaculate like a week or two before they arrive, then when they walk in, it's bound to look lightly lived-in. No one would ever believe that I keep my house clean, but I think it's plausible that I might not always have sticky spots on my kitchen floor...

To this end, I am bound and determined to do something about my carpets before they arrive. The cat and I track in a lot of dirt. Also, I am very clumsy and hate using plates. The carpets needs to be cleaned a lot.

So, that's what I've been up to... video games and cooking and car problems and trying to prepare for my mother's arrival in, like, three weeks.

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