{ Thursday, March 03, 2005 }

Ask Me Anything

I am boring and lazy lately. And tomorrow marks four years of entries on this site.

So, we're gonna do an Ask Me Anything for my journal-versary.

Also because I will be twenty-five three weeks from today, and people are suggesting that my wish list needs to be brought up to date in time for shipping presents. I'm certainly not gonna write an entry when I could be taking measures to aquire new books for free.

How this works: You ask me questions in the comments; I'll provide some manner of answer in an entry tomorrow night. I'm not gonna commit now to whether that will be before or after Happy Hour as that really depends on the questions and the day I have tomorrow... but after 5PM Mountain anyway.

Anyway, ask away. I will cry big buckets of tears if you don't.

The Fine Print: (March 3&4, I'm counting on having loads of thought-provoking questions to answer and not wanting to do this tomorrow)
2004: Babbling because I was newly unemployed and didn't have enough to do.

2003: I baked for my sleeping not-boyfriend.

2002: The giant broken ankle fiasco. For the caliber of event that was, I was really breezy about it in my journal.

2001: It's about laundry. It's really poorly written. It's also the first entry I'm willing to claim.

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