{ Sunday, February 27, 2005 }

Get the Fuck Away from My Truck

There's not much new to report around here... I spent Friday in a haze of exhaustion, crashed out for twelve hours and spent the small remainder of the day with Steady staring at the television.

Somewhere along the way, I was reminded of one of my best spontaneous dance parties (I was writing about them during Februarium and I am much, much too lazy to look up the link at this time).

I was probably seventeen or eighteen years old at the time. LB, Shelly and I, along with a host of other folks depending on the evening, took to ending our weekend nights at the Taco Bell. It wasn't near our house, but it's cheap, open late and will make anything vegetarian.

The lines were horrible late at night. We're talking 20-30 minutes, we'd spend sitting in the Oldsmobile, smoking and dreaming of our shitty drive thru food. So, to pass the time and because it's just the sort of thing that teenage camp counselor types do, we'd crank up the music, get out of the car and dance in the parking lot.

Did I mention that this Taco Bell was in the commercial sector of the ghetto? Cause it was. So, we'd be dancing in the parking lot to, like, The Indigo Girls at top volume pumping out of old Greybeard at approximately midnight with our cigarettes and long scarfs. Nothing could be more fun that that, really.

One night, I was in the driver's seat and LB and Shelly were out dancing to U2. LB suffered from a great deal of anxiety when pressured to order her food. So, she went up to look at the menu. It was harmless really. She just wanted to look at the menu and start the dithering as early as possible.

The guy who was ordering at the time apparently did not think it was so harmless. He told her to "Get the fuck away from my truck." At the time it was offensive, hilarious and not just a little bit scary.

And that was the last time we danced in that Taco Bell parking lot. (LB and I did repeat the experience at least once in a White Castle at two in the morning, but then we heard gun shots and that was really the end of the drive thru dancing...)

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