{ Saturday, January 08, 2005 }


It's been a big couple of days. Last night Em and the boy (we need to name him...) and I walked up to the Chinese Restaurant. Then we got dressed and listened to Ani while the boy sat around looking pained.

After that we headed out. We listened to "Evolve" in the car while I bounced and danced and was generally exuberant. We had some beer, played some pool, went next-door, Em and I had a shot. Naturally, when we asked the bartender to bring us a shot, he made a 'redheaded slut'.

Then we had another drink, and we headed back home. More drinking. Bed.

This morning the boy and I went out and got breakfast. Last Sunday, I'd suggested we could just walk, but this week he had learned better. After brunch he headed out. Em and I went to 50% off day at the thrift store and then to the $.99 Store. And we got lunch. And we drove through a couple of neighborhoods and stole an orange. It was really tart, but it smelled awesome.

After all that, we cleaned up the house a little bit and then I called maintenance. Em had tried to do the dishes, but the dishwasher caused the kitchen to flood. They showed up within the half hour and now it's all better.

And now we're sitting around, me on the internet (I got a couple games of Literati with Pratt in there) and Emma making earrings.

If you might think you'd like to buy a pair of very affordable, hand made earrings, you may get your chance here soon... We're working on it.

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