{ Sunday, January 30, 2005 }

Hair-cut Photos

Did you see that JV is updating again? He is. Go read.

Friday night, Emma and I decided that we wanted to see the stars. We also had a brand-fucking-new Ani DiFranco CD courtesy of Pratt, because I am simply spoiled rotten. We'd had all the light pollution we could take.

"We finally drove out where the sky is dark enough to see stars" So, we headed east on US60... a road that could take us all the way home if we wanted.

When I was so terribly homesick this summer, I took off down that road a few times. The cat was basically what provoked me to turn around and drive back...

Eventually we got off of the flat and into the hills. Those mountains are scary at night. We found ourselves, more than once, as the lead car in a long train. Y'all, I am known for my propensity to drive too fast on curvy roads, but these people really were in giant hurries...

The road would widen and ten cars would zip right past us while I informed Em that we were driving sixty-some miles an hour and had she noticed all those crosses we'd past where people had died driving too fast on this road?

Anyway, an hour and a half later, we pulled off the road and it was amazing. Just completely spectacular. Then we drove home... by the time we got back, we'd managed to learn a number of the songs on the new CD.

On Saturday I got my hair cut. So, let's call this picture "before". It's more like "at the overlook at the park, terribly hungover and with my hair back" but it'll just have to do...

That was last weekend, when we drove out to the park and watched the sun set. The camera died somewhere along the way, because I bought really shitty batteries for it. Anyway, here's a picture of the view:

Right, so I went and got my hair cut and she styled it all curly, because it was raining. This made it hard for me to decide if I liked my hair cut, because the pieces in the front were really, really curly. Like, up above my eyebrows curly. Emma said they were cute, but I was rather afraid it looked ridiculous.

Anyway, tonight I straightened it, and I burnt my finger doing so, but now I can see that it's a very good haircut... This picture is blurry, and I'm not wearing any make-up, but here's the after:

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