{ Wednesday, January 26, 2005 }

Drinking At Home

Last night I stopped off at the grocery on my way to Steady's to watch The Amazing Race. I picked up gin, tonic and limes.

Can you believe that the boy doesn't have ice in his house? I couldn't. He has ice trays, but for whatever reason, he claims that his ice didn't taste right. Anyway, we stuck the stuff in the freezer and made it coldish. Then we went to work drinking.

Somewhere along the way, we had our first fight. After the television show and a heavy handed drink or two. Then we had a fight. I was telling Em about it this evening.

You should know going in that at some point in our lives, Emma and I wrote a long list of our Rules for Dating. They included such useful entries as "When you storm out, you leave. You don't go back when he doesn't chase you." and "You don't cry in front of the boy."

Mary: Yeah, so I finally said "I think I really should leave." and I really meant it. I was trashed. I think I thought I'd just go cry in my car until I could drive. He didn't let me leave. It was very good... I didn't even get the chance to pout really.

Em: That's really great. Especially when you have a tendency to get trashed and angry and storm out.

It's true. I do have that tendency. (So does she, actually)

Okay, so tonight Emma and I are drinking cheap wine and watching television... She leaves on Monday. I'm gonna miss her.

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