{ Tuesday, December 14, 2004 }

Trust DVD

I bought the cat a fancy pants water fountain thing. It circulates and filters and shit. He was interested in it during the assembly and killed it dead before I added water. (He kills every new thing that comes into this apartment dead)

Now he's afraid of it.

Okay, well, he was. He just drank out of it, choosing it over his other water bowl... because I wrote this, you know.

In other life news, Em and Ellie called me tonight on their way home from the Over the Rhine concert. I am so jealous I could spit. Ellie was moved to tears during "Latter Days". If you ever get the chance to see Over the Rhine live, you have to go. They're so completely amazing live.

So, Pratt sent me Trust by Ani DiFranco for Christmas, because he is, by far, the coolest. I watched it while dancing happily about in the living room on Saturday. So, now, because I don't have anything else to tell you, I'm gonna write about the music on the DVD.

  1. Educated Guess ~ I was still dancing about happily while this song played. It's on the album Em bought me for my birthday and I listen to it all the time. I was in love with this lyric
    i've got a lot of love and a lot of nerve
    so watch me while i take this curve

    when I lived in Kentucky and the road had curves. Now it's almost as though it mocks me.

  2. Origami ~ When Emma and Ellie and I were listening to this album the first time, this was the only song we really, really loved. We danced while screaming the lyrics in the living room more often than they'd probably want me to tell you about.

  3. Modulation ~ When my sister Nikki's personal emotional condition was the only thing I could think about this spring, the former step mother with whom she lived was constantly saying things about Nikki and whether or not she was self-modulating and how self-modulation is the goal, and I still honestly have no idea what it means, but that's what I thought about while I listened to this song.

  4. Coming Up ~ So, while I was driving across the country, I stopped overnight to see Paul in St Louis. We went out with some of his friends and at some point, one of them turned to him and demanded a "urgent napkin poem!" He wrote a haiku about moving to Wyoming. I immediately said something about laundry rendering them pulpy and strange. And then we bonded. That's my story about this song.

  5. Gravel ~ Kristie and I listened to this song and laughed and shouted and were generally brazen and ridiculous one night when we were driving back to Lexington, having been in the car for like ten hours that day... At the time, we were doing the neurotic drive by checking for a certain pair of cars in a certain apartment complex at like three am. This song will always be about that night for me.

  6. Tip Toe ~ I horrified Jeff by reciting this poem while traipsing up and down the little catwalk thing outside his old apartment one morning. Trust me, if you'd seen it, you would have done the same thing.

  7. Phase ~ I adore this song... I don't have a story for it, but it gets a lot of airtime in my car while I sing along...
    this vague little smile
    is my all-purpose expression
    the meaning of which
    i'll leave to your discretion

  8. Platform ~ It makes me giggle, and I really enjoyed it when she recited it at the show in Lexington that Emma and Kristie and I went to.

  9. Swim ~ I don't have anything fun to tell you about this song. It's another one that gets a lot of really loud airplay in my car... When Emma and Ellie and I saw Ani in Cincinnati the weekend before we all broke up our little house, she played this and we all liked it.

  10. God's Country ~ On a trip home from St Louis last summer, I got pulled over going 108 in a 65. I talked my way out of it. Okay, mostly I batted my eyes and apologized a lot.
    state trooper thinks i drive too fast
    pulled me over to tell me so
    i say out here on the prairie
    any speed is too slow

  11. Anticipate ~ We loved the hell out of this song in the Pokemon house.

  12. You Each Time ~ Okay, so the memories for this one are my own business.
    so my heart finally broke
    it was so long bent
    and it broke in three places
    when it finally went

  13. Swan Dive ~ It's off Little Plastic Castle, which always brings Camp memories with it. Also, one of these days I am going to make the (terribly tacky) Menstruation Related Songs Mix and this will be right down front. Sometimes, you just do things that you know show absolutely no pride and are Bad Bad Ideas. It happens to us all.

  14. Knuckledown ~ This will be the song that I heard for the first time while dancing around to the DVD Pratt bought me for Christmas in 2004.

  15. Angry Anymore ~ I love this song. I love it soooo much.

  16. Manhole ~ Ani writes such pretty songs. This one's new for me too.

  17. Little Plastic Castle ~ Camp Dances. This song will always be about dancing at Camp for me. It was perfectly appropriate to play loud, around kids, at the dance. And Fiona and Dermoms and I spent a summer having the best time dancing to this every week.
    people talk about my image
    like i come in two dimensions
    like lipstick is a sign of my declining mind
    like what i happen to be wearing the day
    that someone takes my picture
    is my new statement for all of womankind

    When you live in around a million dirty hippie-type teenagers, this lyric really means a lot on the day you deign to wear make-up.

  18. Grand Canyon ~ the first time I heard this (live, in Lexington) I cried. I have since memorized it.

  19. Evolve ~ it's a fun dancing song! I think it was even one of the ones we used to motivate us when cleaning at the Pokemon house (there was a lot of dancing while cleaning at the Pokemon house)
    and there's this moth outside my kitchen door
    she's bonkers for that bare bulb
    flying round in circles
    bashing in her exoskull
    and out in the woods she navigates fine by the moon
    but get her around a light bulb and she's doomed

  20. Shameless ~ will forever be the song that makes me think of the crazy-fun JoJo and I used to have a few years back when he was a constant fixture in my house and one of my favorite playmates. I can't hear it without having to mention him.
    we're in a room without a door
    and i am sure without a doubt
    they're gonna wanna know
    how we got in here
    and they're gonna wanna know
    how we plan to get out
    we better have a good explanation
    for all the fun that we had
    'cuz they are coming for us, babe
    and they are going to be mad

    I'm laying under a "big pink worm" blanket right now, actually... that's the memory that really strikes me...

    We were having a lazy day at my house and my mother came by at like one, unannounced. I come to the door and JoJo and I are both dressed in boxers and t-shirts and we have just been rolling around on the floor with these blankets playing "big pink worms" and there's no way I can explain to you how hilarious it was at the time or how it really was absolutely and completely wholesome. Nor can I properly explain the look on my mother's face at the scene. (JoJo plaintively still clutching the blanket over his head, standing in the middle of the living room...) "A room without a door"

So, that's a nice long entry of short memories...

The Fine Print:

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