{ Tuesday, December 07, 2004 }

Root Canal.

I had a root canal today. I left work at ten forty and was back at work by ten after noon. It was really not bad, but it left me completely exhausted. Nothing hurts now. I didn't feel a thing while it was happening.

The whole experience was pretty lackluster. They put this vise thing on that side of my mouth that held it open. That was pretty crazy. It clamped onto one of my teeth, not sure which one cause I was all numb, but I really thought my tooth was going to just crumble under the pressure.

It had a plastic covering thingy that covered my mouth and had a hole for my tooth. It was weird, and I didn't get a good look at it.

Otherwise, the whole thing was very uninteresting.

It wore me out though. I'm so tired.

In other news, ydelek hit upon the perfect way to wade through my suitors. I am now asking each of them to answer the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Those who give the correct answer (42) move on. Those who do not, don't. I edited my ad to add that they needed to write to me with the answer.

It's working wonders for the pile of e mail. I'm down to an almost manageable flow of messages...

I've answered all the replies with it, and some of the poor boys are giving me serious answers. Like, their little attempts at philosophy! And since I'm going to hell, this makes me laugh. The vast majority of the new ones have contained the right answer, those that didn't, I asked again.

The ones who know know they're totally in, and it's making a good icebreaker.

I told y'all I needed a girlfriend to help me. (Others, including, Kate, chris and CanadaDave are also helping...)

The Fine Print:

2003: No entry. I was out of town having a really wonderful day. It all came crashing down a week later, but on December 7, 2003; I was busy having a very, very good day.

2002: No entry. I didn't have much to talk about and I was still reeling from the thousands of people who came by the read the entry on the fifth, and I was feeling a lot of pressure.

2001: No entry. It must've been the weekend and I didn't have a home computer or else I just didn't write because I wasn't updating terribly regularly yet.

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