{ Wednesday, November 10, 2004 }

A New Room

I am writing this laying on my new futon. Earlier, Verde, the cat and I all were sitting on the same comfortable piece of furniture at the same time. There is no longer a need to sit on the floor!

I bought it last night at the futon store near my house. Verde went and picked it up for me today. He was waiting for me with it when I came home from work. I even left work early for this major event.

He assembled it, and I got to help a little and cook my dinner. Apparently, some people don't think that a Clif Bar constitutes a meal. Eventually, it was all put together (this is a boy who made an event out of hanging a full-length mirror for me, he does shit the right way).

Then we had a problem. This thing is HUGE. The big computer had to go to the bedroom with the desk. Then so did the Baker's Rack. Some people (Verde) seem to think that now my bedroom is excessively crowded. I am of a mind that my bedroom in the Pokemon House was much, much, much oh ever so muchly, muchly, much more crowded than this one is now. It's still got plenty of room.

All the moving of furniture made the cat upset. He had to attack everyone's legs without provokation. I think he was afraid there was going to be more moving, and he was not having it. I don't blame him really. He's been alive for 3 years and 2 months and this is his sixth home (seventh if you count the barn where he was born), and his fifth since I got him.

Anyway, now the living room looks... like a living room. It's really pretty remarkable. I just keep walking out and back in and going "It's like... a home in here!"

But all that standing around looking pretty and dithering about where I want my furniture was rather exhausting... The poor kept asking me if it all HAD to get finished tonight. "I'll think of nothing else until it is."

It's finished. And now I am thinking of the thousands of NaNoWriMo words I need to churn out. And sleep. I need sleep.

The Fine Print:

2003: I was in Canada and didn't write.

2002: I was on a long date and didn't write.

2001: I was in Iowa or Minnesota and didn't write.

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