{ Wednesday, October 20, 2004 }


So, I read this. And there was a picture that inspired me to write the following to my mother:


I am simply going to die if I do not get to go and see the forty-two foot tall Zombie Jesus with Accessories in Monroe Ohio. It also might kill me if we do not do this together as a family activity that involves the digital camera.

I honestly believe it is the one, most definitive, answer to the question "What is wrong with Americans, exactly?" I mean, it's a forty-two foot tall Biblically-inaccurate rendering of Jesus rising, zombie-style, from the dead made of styrofoam and plexiglass! And painted to look like marble! In Ohio!

You have to take me to see this. I will never get over it if I am that close and I don't make a pilgrimage to see Zombie Jesus.

I really doubt my mom will pass up the chance to make me so happy and take me to see the eyesore.

CanadaDave assures me that tomorrow he'll be writing more about my new favorite tacky thing, "Giant Jesus: apparently someone got confused about the subtle difference between 'undead' and 'eternal life through resurrection from a TOMB' and also 'moving and hopeful' and 'potentially nightmare inducing' plus! 'folk art' (is that what they were going for? they make poor Jesus look like The Missing Link) and 'so tacky I canNOT believe I might get to see it'."

(link above good through October 24 only, click while the clicking is good)

I am fascinated.

In other news, my kitchen has gnats. I learned this while washing a fork for my dinner. I have to go deal with them now (and this entry is very funny if you want to learn about the last time I had gnats in my kitchen).

About One Year Ago: "'It's just stuff that fell off of my plants. Earlier this summer they were all just sticks.' I put it with the other plants and instructed them to see it as an example."

About Two Years Ago:"So I read a novel today. The whole time I kept thinking that "this can't be it. this can't be all there is." Then I got to the end, read the author's biography and learned it was French. It all made sense then."

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