{ Wednesday, October 27, 2004 }


The weekend... I don't have the energy to tell y'all about my weekend anymore. I'll go ahead and try anyway...

Left my bed at four am to answer the phone. Somehow managed to recite my flight information without actually opening my eyes or waking up in any discernible way. Got back in bed.

Fought with the alarm clock. Finally opened my eyes. Did some mental math. Fuck. I was going to be late late late. Got dressed, ran to the cash machine, successfully was checked into my flight a mere forty minutes after opening my eyes.

I made it to Detroit early with three priorities for the layover... I needed to pee, smoke and find the gate and maybe a magazine. I managed to smoke and then find the gate.

Arrived in Cincinnati, got my bags, didn't get to smoke before Mom picked me up. She said we'd get some food. Instead we went shopping for pantyhose and spent just an awfully lot of time dithering infront of the displays. I just wanted a pair of "buff" hose in size A with no lace or control top and complete toes. Mom wanted off black in control top. This took up about twenty minutes.

Then we went shoe shopping and it ended with Mom declaring me her "fussy child". She found a pair of really cute black heels though.

After the shopping we got to go to Skyline. I could eat a three way with black beans and rice instead of chili everyday and be very happy about it. JV called at some point and said he'd be unable to make it because of a family emergency.

Home, dressing, Mom laughed at my hair. Apparently, it was a little large. So then I put it up and she told me I looked like I didn't even have hair. It was rather disconcerting. But my outfit met with her approval, apparently it's a cut that's particularly hard to wear well, but I was managing just fine.

Off to the wedding, the reception, it was all very nice and fun and everyone had a lovely time. We got home after one in the morning.

Saturday morning I woke up to fast food hashbrowns and an Ale 8. I got to shower, and then Mom and I loaded up the dog and headed down the street to the Rabbit Hash General Store. I am terribly spoiled. Apparently the dog is even more spoiled though because she gets to go for walks in Rabbit Hash on a regular basis.

The mayoral election is in full swing. We stopped and read the rules, which had shades of Animal Farm with a mention of this election being equal opportunity, specifically including bipeds as well as quadrupeds.

Junior the black lab was in the lead. I did not buy a vote, because I am a bad citizen. Mom has to vote in the not-for-pay-only-humans-can-run elections at the Big Bone Lick Maintenance Garage, so she plans to stop in Rabbit Hash on her way and buy her votes then. Surely she won't vote for Higgins the republican donkey, although she does love donkeys. Lulu the Liberal Feminist Pig has a some pretty convincing "No More Hog Killings In Rabbit Hash" platform.

She can always buy some votes for both of them. Rudy the dog also had some good signs and seemed to have the endorsement of the General Store, his signs were all over inside.

Then we met the stepfather and went to Keeneland to meet some aunts and uncles for a day of cold, wet horse racing. I managed to find JV and Emma. Mom dropped me off at Emma's and then we all went to Pazzo's for a few pints and some dinner for me.

Then Emma and I headed back north to Ellie's house. We hung out for a few hours and had much fun. Then Emma and I got her some dinner and drove past Camp back to Mom's where we bedded down on opposite ends of the couch.

Mom woke us up for Waffles. She loaded Em down with plants and then we headed to Main Strasse (warning: audio) for brunch with more than a dozen aunts, uncles and cousins. After that it was up to see the Giant Jesus, more on that when I get the pictures from Mom.

Then we hit the cell phone store, got new phones and managed to get to the airport with a few minutes to spare. Mom carried my giant asparagus fern in a box in while the policemen did not allow me to follow. I had to call her so she'd come back out so I could run into the airport before anyone noticed the giant box sitting in the check-in line.

The flight home was uneventful. I managed to drag the plant onto the shuttle bus and into my car. Verde came over and moved it upstairs for me. Arthur (the fern) seems to be doing very well so far. The spider plant that I brought home from the Girl Scouts in my carry-on is a little more iffy.

While I was writing this, I was listening to one of the CD's Shelly sent me, specifically, Nikki's mother's demo CD. Here's a disturbing factoid: Verde is three years younger than my sister's mother, my father's ex wife. He's still closer in age to me than my father, but I also realized that I've had a couple of other Others who were closer to her age than mine...

About One Year Ago: "I was on some road and I was totally paying attention to what I was doing when I took that turn at almost eighty miles an hour even though the sign was advising that forty was a more practical speed."

About Two Years Ago:"It's like a fucked-up version of Marco Polo."

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