{ Sunday, October 31, 2004 }

Bad Bad Cat.

This year the cat's a jack-o-latern for halloween. I made a stencil with triangle eyes and a little toothy mouth, and then used non-toxic black hairspray to paint his side with a little face. I took a couple pictures, when I finish the roll, I'll put some up. Here's an older picture of my monster (and my feet) for until then. Just imagine the jack-o-latern painted on his side.

Then he went outside. Rather enthusiastically. He didn't particularly like being painted. I went out, came back, didn't see him, left to go to Verde's house for trick-or-treat.

The trick-or-treaters were just darling, and they came in droves. It was great.

I got home, evaluated the bowl of candy I'd left outside for any unfortunate children who had to trick-or-treat in an apartment complex, and concluded that a very few children had been by...

Then there was a knock upon my door.

"You have the large orange cat, right?"
"He's stuck on my patio. Can you come and get him?"

The cat had climbed a tree outside their apartment, in another building, and hopped onto the patio. Then he went inside their house. Given that the neighbor said he'd taken some of my candy, I guess the cat had been inside his apartment for awhile. He also reported that my cat had tried to scratch and bite him when he tried to remove my Monster from his house.

He meowed back playing the fucked up Marco Polo that we play when I was calling him from outside. Then he was bad when I got over there. He made me crawl under the dining room table and yank him out. I carried him home. He's inside for a little while. Bad bad cat.

Happy Halloween.

posted by mary ann 9:38 PM