{ Tuesday, July 20, 2004 }

Let's All Agree....

Yes, it is very hot outside.  I do know this.  The temperature today topped out at one hundred and thirteen degrees.  No one worry that I am unaware of the heat. 

I just went to swim.  Two and a half hours after dark.  According to one local weather site, it's one hundred and one degrees outside at this time.   We all know it's hot outside.  No one can deny this.

I appreciate the air conditioning.  I love the air conditioning.  The fact that I can walk into an apartment with the thermostat set to ninety and be instantly cooled off is slightly appalling and also a miracle.

But when the temperature is fifty degrees, my mother wouldn't let me go outside without a coat.  Most of the thermostats around here seem to be set at half of the outdoor temps, or about fifty-five degrees.

Yes, so my car is full of sweaters and I am going to wear them inside, because it IS hot OUTSIDE, and it really accents the fact that it is actually just about cold enough for me to put on a coat.

I don't want to hear about how I'm cold all the time because I am small.  It's not cute to tell me I have no meat on my bones.  It's not nice.  Stop it.  I'm cold because I keep walking from the extreme heat into places where it is absurdly cold.

We're in the middle of an energy crisis here.  The damned power plants keep catching on fire, because this is the desert and that seems to be what happens here -- things catch on fire.  I continue to hold out hope that someone, somewhere will turn a thermostat up.

I can accept that you want the indoors to be so cold that walking outside to thaw feels great.  I don't walk around telling everyone that I would like to stop shivering or possibly not have to wear winter weight clothing to work and shop in July in a place where, again, it's one hundred thirteen degrees outside.

Let's just all agree that if the difference in temperature from inside to out is more than thirty degrees, possibly some small change in apparel will be required, at least for me.  Just pretend like you think it's reasonable.  Next, let's all just agree that it is MEAN and RUDE to tell me that you think I'm too thin in any context.  I would really like that.

In exchange, I agree not to tell you that maybe you're  all fat and that's why you can run around in short sleeves.  I also agree not to make you feel like a total ass by explaining that I am thin because I have a bone disease and therefore, no frame.

That would be great.  Thanks.

(Four.  That's the number of times I was told I was wearing a sweater not because it was actually extremely cold inside, but because I am skinny.)

posted by mary ann 10:38 PM