{ Friday, June 11, 2004 }

Mystery from the Stoner Days.

A couple nights ago, I came back from swimming (I swim after dark when I'm safe from the sun), and since it was almost bed time and I don't have any friends here yet and there's no internet access and blahblahblah I shouldn't have to spend this much time rationalizing that I was watching television.

Once upon a time, my last year of college, I hung out with some degenerate stoners at this studio apartment in Cincinnati. All weekend every weekend. (I was safely 80 miles away at college during the week) These guys were like movie-quality degenerate stoners.

They were guys I'd known for a long time, and they were wonderful friends. Waste was one of them. I was the only girl who was there with any regularity, and I was the only one who didn't poke smot.

Okay, so, naturally we watched a lot of Simpsons at the apartment full of degenerate stoners. I would often stay in town Sunday night and drive back early Monday morning to watch a new episode with them...

There was this "Behind the Laughter" episode... I think it might've been a season premiere. Maybe it was just a Sweeps stunt. Anyway, it was a spoof on "Behind the Music". At the end, the announcer said "this Northern Kentucky family"...

Well, we were all quite dumfounded. Had they just told us where the Simpsons lived? And it was where we're from? That couldn't be right. Surely they recorded different endings depending on region of the country...

A few weeks later, someone said they'd talked to someone who lived somewhere else and that's exactly what had happened. Or maybe someone read that on the internet. Whatever, we didn't question the source because it was precisely what we'd expected, and we've been over what most of these people were doing with all of their spare time (and there was nothing but spare time in that group).

Right, so, the other night I was watching The Simpsons and I was going to go to bed after the first episode, but then they previewed that they were showing the "Behind the Laughter" episode next.

I stayed up all the way to the end, just to see what version of it they'd sold into syndication. "Northern Kentucky". I swear to you, I totally heard them say "Northern Kentucky"...

I don't know if I care enough to research if that's the only ending or if I just happened to catch that ending in syndication or what. But I totally heard them say "Northern Kentucky".

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