{ Wednesday, June 09, 2004 }

Apparently, I'm sixteen...

I was really beginning to feel like I look less like a sixteen year old these days. I'm guessing sixteen. Maybe I look fourteen. Four years ago, a nurse thought I was in middle school. I'm not over that yet. Sometimes, there's hesitation before I get carded for cigarettes, even. Once or twice, I didn't even get carded.

Yeah, so, Friday night Mom and I were at a gas station before hitting the bars (my mom's waaay better at hitting the bars than I am), and I got some static off the Kentucky ID that claims I'm twenty-four, but that happens when you're using an out-of-state ID and it's Friday night. (This is why I carry my passport around with me.) Once I said "Mom, are you hearing this?", he shut up and sold me my smokes.

Yesterday afternoon, right when I got home, within minutes, there was a knock on my door...

Wait, I forgot to tell you first, I have heat rash. On my ass. I don't really wanna talk about it. But because of my heat rash, I am not wearing any clothes inside my house right now. I think it's helping.

Okay, so there's a knock on the door and I'm naked. I have no idea who might be knocking on my door. I yell that I'll be there in a minute. I find my work clothes. I put them back on. He keeps knocking.

I finally open the door and this guy asks me if my mother or father is home... I sent him on his way without finding out what he wanted.

That's not the third or even fifth time that's happened to me either.

And then I lost it. Just collapsed in a heap. My self esteem had taken more than it could handle...

Okay, I know there are some people reading this who have knocked on doors for whatever reason... how often did you accidentally ask for the parents of an adult?

Has anyone else had this experience? Where your name is the one on the lease and they ask for your parents?

My entries are so short lately that I'll really try to remember to point you to this day in the past.

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