{ Wednesday, April 21, 2004 }

Most Exciting Thing Ever.

Late last night, Jeff felt compelled to read the definition of the word "adventure" to me. This is because I am very boring and consequently, I find many things to be adventures that maybe some people don't.

Yesterday, Ellie and I were watching television. Her husband has provided us with a television. It's not any bigger than mine, or Emma's. It does, however, have something to offer that neither of ours does... fine tuning knobs. Most of the stations come in so clearly that you might not believe that we don't have cable.

Initially, I was told that they just couldn't get Fox to come in. I wiggled and moved the antennae and twisted the knobs and now for up to about ten minutes at a time, we get that channel.

So, last night, we had grown tired of trying to make Fox appear clearly, in color, with sound on the thirteen inch television without losing the picture anytime someone so much as wiggled her foot. This was after we'd even stacked some books up under the antenna. Right, so we were both standing infront of the television, me twisting the knobs to see what else was on TV.

You are familiar with this version of television watching right? With no cable, no remote control and two big knobs that you have to manually turn to get through the channels...

Suddenly, she says "Wait, what was that? Go back!"

And on channel thirty-two, we were suddenly getting the WB. This like, twenty minutes before Gilmore Girls.

You have no idea how exciting this really was for us. Almost as exciting as the fact that Ellie and I each brought home $10 worth of groceries yesterday afternoon.

It's grainy, but the picture was better than some we used to get when there was a WB affiliate in Lexington. We had color, we had sound, and it was vertically stable. The station is out of Louisville (about an hour from here), but it looks better than our local Fox affiliate...

I am terribly boring, but now I am terribly boring with a full compliment of television stations.

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