{ Friday, March 26, 2004 }


I had an apocalypse dream last night. I don't think I've ever had one before.

Usually when I get really stressed out, I dream that I'm sixteen or seventeen and I'm in college (I went to college when I was sixteen, if you're new to the home trivia game). When the term ends in May, I have to go to public high school for the rest of the semester because I'm not old enough to not be in school. It's really a horrible nightmare.

It started out like any normal strange dream. I was involved in some sort of dogs playing ball in water competition. I would be tethered to the dogs in a swimming pool and there would be another girl with two very large dogs tethered to her. Then the dogs played some sort of game involving a ball and some goals in the water.

So, we were at this really major competition,and for whatever reason when we played this sport, we didn't wear bathing suits. I really thought we should be wearing bathing suits, but instead we swam around in skirts and suit jackets. With dogs tethered to us.

Yeah, so we were at this major competition and I don't really remember it. I guess in my dream I understood how the game worked, but I don't now. It was at the indoor pool at the YMCA in my hometown.

Then some queen or someone came in at the end and I had to tread water because I was in the deep end and we were all supposed to pause for some sort of salute to this royal person. I had to close my eyes, because my right goggles lense wasn't working properly and I couldn't get it adjusted and I was having a hard time keeping my head out of the water while doing this salute thing and I couldn't really flail because it was a moment of pause.

Then when that was over, almost everyone was gone. We were going to leave, but I couldn't find all my stuff. I found my purse, but I couldn't find my jewelry. My mom took the dogs home with her.

An old friend, someone I parted with on bad terms about four years ago, was helping me look and everyone went ahead and left. Then he left to go shower or talk to the guy working there or something. I was all alone in the pool.

I don't remember if we found my jewelry. I was looking for it in the pool. At this point, I was swimming in my skirt-slip and my bra. I wanted my clothes to get dry. The sides were magnetized in the deep end in such a way that coins would stick to it. They were some sort of donation to some famous person's charity.

The whole shallow end was full of displays along the walls under the water. It was all strange collections and little educational displays. I didn't steal from those. I also didn't take from the section where the donations had little laminated letters attached. Those were all attached to fancy pens. Instead, I just took from the coins people had thrown in, and I only stole quarters and dimes.

My friend caught me putting them in my backpack. He laughed at me. Then we left.

While we were driving home, the sun changed colors. We thought it went behind a cloud, but then the cloud moved and it was still a different color. When we got home, it was like that book, I Who Have Never Known Men. Some sort of unspecified disaster had happened and everyone was gone and there were a few people left and we didn't know what to do.

We wandered around a little bit and turned off people's sprinklers and stuff. We decided we had been spared or left because we were inside the YMCA at the time. Or maybe we were underwater at the time? I'm not sure.

Anyway, before I could find out anything else about what had happened to everyone, Ellie came and woke me up so I could move my car. Clearly, I need to worry less.

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