{ Saturday, March 06, 2004 }

Coffee. Cigarette. Rain.

Phone Call. Plans. Phone Call. More Plans. Almost Late. Rush Hour. Rain. RAIN. Why is my car jerking about like this? Gas station. Ice Cream. Coffee. Cigarettes. Rain. RAIN. RAIN

"I'm half an hour from there. I'll meet you at your house."

Cigarettes. How the fuck am I supposed to get to that restaurant? Turn. Dead End. "It's right there. How do we get there?" Parking lot. Parking lot. Parking lot. "Go put our name on the list" Parking lot. Parking lot. Oh my god, I'm going to be circling this parking lot forever. Cigarette. "I just got to dinner. I'll call you when I'm finished." Fuck it, I'm parking at Wendy's and I'll just walk.

Cigarette. Rain. Seating. Water. Gin. Soup. Salad. French Fries. Pie. Coffee. Gin.

Rain. Cigarettes. "How do we get out of here?" "I'm like half an hour from there. I'll call you."

Small talk. Cigarettes. Walgreen's. "Why can't you help me? Who can help me?" Meijer. "But... the sign says they close at eleven. I have twenty minutes. Who can help me?" Cigarettes. Rain. Another Walgreen's. "I'm working on it. I'm going to do this for you. Tonight. Really. Call me in half an hour." Cigarettes. Wal-Mart. Cigarettes. CVS. Coffee. Rain. Another Meijer. "I don't know what's wrong with the world. I'm working on it. I'll let you know." Cigarettes.

"You can't be closing. Kinko's doesn't close. Okay, where downtown?"

Cigarettes. Rain. Interstate. "Where's the fifth street exit? That sign clearly said I was in the lane for fifth street. Where am I going? Why does this happen to me?" Ghetto. Downtown. Looking for a parking place. Cigarette. Looking for a parking place. Looking for a parking place. "Fuck it, I'll park in the garage."

Kinko's. "It's getting done." "No, not right this second, but I swear I'll hurt someone if they can't help me. I'll let you know." "Ben, MY Kinko's Guy, you are the love of my life and center of my universe." "Forty-five minutes. Let me know where to meet you." "Yeah, that only took fifteen minutes. Where to?"

"Where did I leave my car?" "Goddamnit, I walked past it *twice* and didn't notice?" Lost ticket. Park again. Can't find it. Fifteen dollars and I'm back on the road.

Cigarettes. Coffee. "Can I get some gin?" Drive, cigarette, drive, cigarette, drive. "Okay, so, we're not going to make last call. I got a little misplaced in downtown. I was going west instead of east. I noticed really fast, I just couldn't fix it. All the roads are wrong."

"One more mile. I swear. Okay, so seven thirty became one am. I'm sorry. I really am going to be there."

"How the fuck do I get to that restaurant? I can see it. I just can't find it."

The parking gods finally like me.

Bathroom. Hugs. Cigarette. Nerves. Coffee. Coffee. COFFEE. Cigarettes. Pie. Chat. Hugs.

Parking lot. "Those kids are doing some sort of intiation. Did you hear that? They're going to make him run a gauntlet. Look, they have belts and shit ready to beat him. Do we call the cops?" Hugs. Car. Leave.

Drive. Cigarette. I'm gonna get home at four am. Drive. Cigarette. Coffee. I will never sleep again.

Home. Cat. E mail. Cigarette. Home.

It's been a long night.

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