{ Friday, February 27, 2004 }


If you're the fucker who deleted all of my personal e mail, I have absolutely nothing but evil thoughts for you.

When I went to sleep at two this morning, the e mail was all still there. I didn't leave this room. I woke up eight hours later, and it was gone.

Whoever it was only got through two folders. Deleted my inbox and deleted my blog feedback. Left me my mail from Waste, Mom, Writer Guy, keledy, and a lot of the other mail I'd wanted to keep. Just got rid of several years worth of stuff from my Inbox, and everything I'd ever gotten regarding this site.

Obviously, the password has been changed, because obviously Emma or Ellie didn't do this to me while I was sleeping and no one else was in this house. Whoever did it was either still in the middle, didn't mean me too much harm, or has no computer literacy, because I was able to recover everything.

Obviously if I hadn't been able to recover everything, I wouldn't be writing this right now, I would be on the phone with my attorney. I would be hunting down whoever tried to do this to me, and I would go about expressing my outrage through the proper channels.

I can think of more than a couple of people who don't like me and might want to reek a little havoc in my life. I can't imagine who would be so immature and just flat stupid as to do so by deleting my e mail. If you're reading this, consider yourself warned, you fuck with me and I call the police and I press charges.

Again, fortunately, whoever did this didn't do it well and I got my shit back.

posted by mary ann 9:30 AM