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2003 Wrap Up

Boys kissed 2002: 11
Boys kissed 2003: 9

(many of those are the same boys, actually)

Considering that in 2002, I resolved to kiss lots of boys, and I didn't in 2003, I'd say that's a pretty good tally.

Checks bounced 2002: many, all in December
Checks bounced 2003: none

Somehow I did better without making a resolution about it.

The Year in Review


I finally got a car. I went back to school. Ellie moved out to live with her husband and Kristie moved in. I was pitifully unemployed. Writer Guy and I are dating and it's not going too well.


The ice storm hit, and we had our first bout with "no power". I broke my finger. Writer Guy and I broke up. I continued to be pitifully unemployed and by this point, also very very broke. I ended the month by being the only other person helping Writer Guy move.


I got a 4.0 in those classes. I got really trashed in honor of my twenty-third birthday. Writer Guy moved to Illinois the day after my birthday. I went to Rabbit Hash over and over again seeking what inner peace there was to be had. Also, I took some temp jobs, and the electricity was turned off. Waste came to visit a couple of times, and they weren't all happy.


I got a job! I went on a date with someone recently released from the mental hospital. Kirstie, Emma and I started looking for homes for August when our lease was up. I met JV. The electricity was turned off. As a single, newly re-employed, recently turned-twenty-three year old, I tried to move on on some fronts. I waxed my legs, removing leg hair for the first time in nearly four years. I got really restless and returned some library books which had been in my possession almost as long as the leg hair.


I saw and got to hang out with Nikki for the first time in nearly a year. The electricity got turned off. I noted how skinny I was getting. Writer Guy came and got his stuff and then did not contact me for a week and I got really offended. I got really sick, and the guy who'd recently been released from the mental hospital called to let me know he'd forgotten to ask me if I'd have sex with him when we were out on our "date". Waste came to visit and it went much better.


My uncle went into the hospital (he's mostly fine now, thanks). We got a new answering machine. I tried really hard to gain weight. I drove to Eastern Kentucky a bunch of times seeking whatever inner peace the mountains could grant me. Emma and I signed a lease on this house.


We moved. Currently, my bedroom is still full of boxes. Mostly, the month was eaten in drinking and cleaning and moving and working. At that point I was working 12 hours on a short day.


More drinking. I finally went to the dentist. Carrie came and stayed with us for a week and we went and visited the monks and the convent. I hated the oral surgeon. I got a Hitachi Magic Wand. I don't know what I was doing all month really, but I think mostly just working and trying to sleep. I didn't update nearly often.


I had my wisdom teeth removed and JV did the driving. My mother got married and Shelly and I spent an entertaining weekend together marrying off our mother in south eastern KY. I had to finish unloaded the stuff from moving from my car in order to feel okay about attending the wedding. My high school boyfriend came to visit, and we had a lot of fun. Writer Guy came to visit and we had a lot of fun, but it caused me a lot of emotional distress. I began having constant back pain. Jeff informed me that he was engaged.


I spent the first couple of weeks dealing with the back pain. I got started on this ossification/mineralization study thing. I got a new bed. Burger King and I broke up. Nikki came back to Kentucky. I went on another pilgrimage to Rabbit Hash. Mostly, I was doped up all month trying to adjust to this back pain.


I did not stay home much. We painted the living room. I had surgery. I went to Canada. Chris and I spent one weekend in Cincinnati. The landlord threatened to evict us if we didn't rake the yard and clean the house. We had a little birthday party for JV.


Much more talk than action about Christmas shopping. JV and I began identifying most nice things as Christmas Miracles. We had a serious lack of utlities there for a week or so. My Grandpa got really sick, but then he got better just after we all thought he was going to die. My grandma got really hurt, but we never thought she would die. There was some serious drama with Nikki and now she's on itense probation.

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