{ Saturday, April 05, 2003 }


All week long, we've been talking about hiking to the overlook at Raven Run. Yesterday we did it. Kristie and I hiked about five miles.

I can't tell you how geared up I really was. The whole way out, everytime we'd pass another horse farm with perfect fences and green rolling hills, I'd start going "Oh, it's so pretty! I love Kentucky! It's all just like a picture! It's so pretty it makes me want to cry!". It really is just all so pretty that I can't hardly handle it sometimes.

We made it out there and parked. Then we walked to the Nature Center. Everything was going well, so far. We signed in and grabbed a map. We picked a route to the overlook, figuring we'd see about a route back when we knew how we felt.

One thing about those rolling hills... the ones that are covered in trees are not horse farms for a reason. They don't roll so much as just turn into serious fucking steep hills. My ass is so sore today from climbing up and down those hills.

We made it to the overlook and back. My face is sunbunt, but I think that's pretty inevdible if I am going to see daylight from now through October. I swear every spring the sheer mass of my freckles astounds me. I know I have them, but I never think of myself as freckled. My sister, she has some freckles. She's got the stereotypical natural red head freckle thing going all the time.

My freckles are only good for about eighteen hours. Then they fade back away and the next time I get out into the sun they surprise me all over again.

Meanwhile, if I could please get just a little tiny bit of sun on my legs, I would really like that. They're like clear at this point. I would like my flesh to please turn just a little bit flesh colored.

When we got home, we were still antsy. Did you know that I have not called Writer Guy once since he left? I haven't. That's *a lot* of self control, right there. Sometimes it means I cannot be in the house with all the phones. I don't have anything to say to him that can't go in an e mail. There's no reason to call. He hasn't called me either.

Kristie was also feeling restless in the house, feeling her self discipline collapse. She asked if I wanted to go to Rabbit Hash. I always want to go to Rabbit Hash. So, we ate a smallish dinner and off we went. On the way she spoke to her mother, and told her we were having some personal problems and were headed to Rabbit Hash. Her mother sounded skeptical about the prospect of us finding answers of any sort there.

We had just about reached conclusions before we got there. Three hours was about the right amount of time for us to careen along the backroads and discuss it all and reach some conclusions. When we sat down by the river, we really both found some inner peace. There was a fire and the river and a crowd of good folks hanging out on the porch at the store. It was so nice. Standing by the campfire, watching the river, listening to the people talking and drinking and having a good time, children and dogs running everywhere...

A few detours and four hours later, we were finally back in Lexington.

We're bound and determined to walk every damned day. If nothing else, just the mile around the street that we can do carrying the telephone and cigarettes and cocktails. It does too count even if you're drinking a cocktail and smoking a cigarette. We both know that today is the first big test. Yesterday we did a lot and it would be really easy to fall off the wagon today. Instead we are going to the arboretum.

We think that between the option of just walking around the street when we're feeling like huge slackers, walking at the arboretum (it's just around the corner, really), playing frisbee golf, and the million places we could go hiking, that surely we're going to be able to stay interested in this.

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