{ Tuesday, April 01, 2003 }

Clean Room and Full Kitchen.

This afternoon, Kristie and I sat down and made a grocery list. Then we went out and bought the groceries.

It was really a little more complicated than that. We made the list based upon what staple items we are out of and what things we want to eat for dinner over the next week. Then we picked out which grocery stores we needed to go to.

The first stop was the Co-op for seitan for "Down Home Dinner" night. (Canned vegetables and cornbread) We got a little distracted in there and spent a lot of time in the personal hygeiene section. I am Burt's Bees' Bitch. For the record though, I didn't buy any. I left with only stuff I actually came in for.

We drove by the Butternut outlet, in search of cheap bread, but we were too late. We decided to examine the prices and consider buying it full price.

We ran home and I switched my laundry, and we put the food away. Then we went Krogering. We did really well in Kroger, saving almost $10 on our $30 bill with the Plus card. We found good bread for cheaper than previously thought possible and bought a loaf to freeze. We also made note of the prices of things we thought we could do better on.

Armed with the receipt (in case we found something much cheaper and wanted to return our original purchase), list and price list, we headed into our grocery weakness, Meijer. We were so good. Seriously. We didn't get distracted and buy things we didn't have on the list (unless we had a really good reason, like "goes with a meal" or "I forgot we ran out").

We strolled past the European rolls. We didn't buy more produce than we'll actually eat. We did a little bit of rushed, not so smart shopping in the frozen foods section, but really, it was cold in there. We checked the prices, we were right on almost everything. We definately saved at least 40% with our method.

We both avoided the International Foods aisle the first time around. Then we realized we needed water chestnuts in order to make stir fry. We ran down the aisle to the Asian section, grabbed our water chestnuts and ran out, back to frozen foods to see about some french fries (for Chik Patties and french fries night) and hashbrowns (for breakfast for dinner night). Later we realized we didn't have refried beans. We were going to have to go back down the International Foods aisle.

Seriously, you've never seen two people with their blinders more securely fastened than the two of us half running past all the foods we want to buy but cannot afford. One of the stockers totally stared at us a little bit miffed as we muttered "not loking. not buying. no. can't have it. not looking." and grabbed our refried beans and got the hell outta there. Except, I saw baguettes. Nice baguettes. Nice baguettes that were thirty cents more expensive than the slightly less nice ones at Sloane's. Kristie said no. I grabbed one anyway.

When we got home we made some deals. Kristie couldn't make any phone calls and I could not get online until she cleaned the kitchen and I cleaned my room. I even brought her the phone cord from the modem to ensure that I wouldn't do it.

We made and ate a nice dinner, and some potato soup (for freezing to eat later). Then I went to work.

My room is clean. Vaccuumed. Mopped. Sheets and comforter washed and dried. Towels in the dryer now. The rest of the laundry is started.

So, here I am, the girl with the clean bedroom. Cleaner than it has been in *months*. Possibly cleaner than it has ever been. I still need to tackle the upstairs kitchen, bathroom and hallway, but I did start on this room earlier today. The light bulbs are out in all these rooms and we forgot the coupon to buy some... so, I can't work on them until daylight.

Today was my first day without an e mail from Writer Guy since he left. I thought this might happen. That's sort-of why all the shopping and cleaning had to happen. I started a less than friendly dialogue yesterday morning, and it's his turn with it. Plus he's trying to settle into his new life... so I can't be too upset with him for a day without news. It is a little sad though.

Otherwise, this has been a very good day...

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