{ Wednesday, March 19, 2003 }

Random Lunchbreak Babbling.

I don't have too much to say. The job is boring and odd. I mostly answer the phone and then (without standing up) announce to the office-at-large who is calling for whom. They let me bring books to read.

We're planning the birthday party for Saturday night. None of us have that many friends, so it'll prolly be a very small, drunken affair. So much the better.

I spent like two hours on the phone with Shelly last night. Learned all about her new job (it pays real money!) and what-not. I also drank a lot of vodka and Kool-Aid while we were talking. It took the edge off.

Tonight I am supposed to be meeting my mother somewhere to get "The rest of [my] junk." (three boxes of magazines and books) from her house and some instructions for while she's away on Spring Break (I still don't know when she's leaving) and we're supposed to do my birthday. Which means: go out to dinner and then buy a cheesecake and a chocolate rabbit. I suspect I'm going to be sleeping at Mom's tonight and driving back in the morning...

My birthday cake always has a chocolate Easter Rabbit on it. I don't like chocolate. I never did. But that rabbit is very important. We only just got to throwing out last year's like two months ago.

On the topic of "I don't like chocolate but....", I drank some instant powdered chocolate breakfast drink for breakfast this morning. Yes, like powdered Ensure. Yesterday I had a peanut butter sandwhich. I'm not one much for "breakfast foods". I will not be having another one of those shakes.

Putting on my dress clothes tells me that since I last worked (October), I have lost weight. Odd since I've stopped cycling and have been eating real meals. None of my clothes hang on me the way they should. Pants and skirts keep falling down on my hips and I look like a child playing dress up....

Okay, I have to go make myself some lunch and then get back to the office for my three hour afternoon of reading Little Altars Everywhere. I just started it this morning and I am totally loving it.

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