{ Thursday, March 20, 2003 }

My Poor Mother.

Last night I went to Mom's house (90 miles from here) for tortellini alfredo and cheesecake. It was soooo good.

Mom: You cut your hair.
mary: With the money you gave me for Valentine's Day that you told me to get a hair cut with.
Mom: Your grandmother would really like it.


We talked about my recent adventures in pie making.

mary: I told Kristie how to do it, but her pie looked kinda sad.

Mom: Maybe she used instant pudding. That stuff's only good if you need something cold to eat in the afternoon in the summer when it's too hot to bake cookies. It's not even pudding.

mary: I used instant pudding for my lemon pie.

Mom: I hope your grandmother didn't hear you say that!

mary: I didn't even wait for it to set. I just put the merangue right on there and baked it. It came out fine.

Mom: Don't tell me these things!

I'm going to send my poor mother to an early death with this instant pudding business. Or else, my dead grandmother is going to come and haunt me with lectures about the evils of instant pudding after she says "Your hair just looks so much better off your shoulders." and tells me what to wear for the lecture...

Actually, if my grandmother were going to rise from the dead to talk to me about making pie, my guess is she'd want to watch me make a pie. If it's anything like sewing with her (she used to rip out all my seams at least five times. With no apology. "That's not straight. Try again."), I can see how she might really have a future in haunting.

My mother's gotten into jewelry making. I'm going to get a Kentucky quarter on a homemade chain for my birthday. She's making one for each of us. She just needed to know how long to make the chain. I'll get it on Tuesday. She also found much fault in the level of tarnish on my jewelry. She made me take it all off so she could polish it. Really.

Also, it looks like maybe someday I am going to be bringing Emily-the-cat home with me. Mom's going to be moving and she really hates that cat (just for being a cat. Mom hates cats). Her fiance' (they are united in their Cat Hate) offered to mail her to me.

I am not talking about this war business. I can't. It makes me too upset. I am only allowed to watch one hour of news per day. Otherwise, I will make myself crazy.

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