{ Saturday, March 08, 2003 }

Evil Chair.

I searched and I searched, but I don't think I've told y'all the story of the Evil Chair. I was just sitting here, on a chair from Writer Guy's apartment, internetting away and it collapsed. (I did get it put back together though, and it is sort-of at my house because of its tendency toward that sort of behaviour) This reminded me of the Evil Chair from my dorm room.

When NotBoyAnymore moved out of his first apartment, there was some furniture leftover that he didn't want anymore. Namely the desk that I left in my last apartment (that thing was so ridiculously large. Josiah and I actually rolled it down the stairs from the third floor and it survived. It made it through one dorm room and two apartments, but didn't come with me this last time), the fridge that has since been sold, and the desk chair that I left behind in my dorm room.

(All of those barely count in the list of lovely parting gifts from NotBoyAnymore. I've almost entirely rid myself of the lovely parting gifts in the last three and a half years. There was a time when almost everything seemed to have been a lovely parting gift...)

That desk chair. It was jealous. That's the only explaination I can give. Anytime I would sit on it while talking to some other boy or if some other boy would sit on it.... It would promptly evict the poor soul. Seriously, it got to the point where I would tell guys... "Um, you can't sit there and talk to me. You'll fall out."

I left it behind when I moved out because it just didn't seem prudent to own a chair that was so given to getting uppity and throwing people from its seat. I'm a fragile girl, I don't need chairs that help me get broken.

My life has been Evil Chair free for going on three years now....

Then I sit down at my desk on a chair that came from my boyfriend-type-person and it collapses. Not only does it collapse. It collapses while I am trying to stand up and give Waste a hug for finishing the art project while I napped.

I want to know how it is that guys manage to train their chairs to do that...

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