{ Friday, March 07, 2003 }

Catching Up

This has been a long, busy week. I worked one day. I had a test yesterday. I have a houseguest who apparently has some issues with the notion of me having a significant other. I have a significant other who either really needs this job he's starting Monday, really likes me, or is more insecure about my x-boyfriend staying at my house than he's admitting. Or all three. Anyway, they've both been around almost 24 hours a day all week.

Last night, in a remarkable moment of alone-ness... I got to play catch-up with Nikki (my sister, the fifteen year old one who lives in Florida. I am mentioning this because when I told my roommates... they in turn told Waste it was one of my cousins I'd been talking with). We were on the phone for about an hour.

She has my voice. Shelly and I sound a lot alike. We really do. Enough so that even our high school boyfriends could be fooled into thinking that they were talking to the other. But Nikki. Wow. Her voice sounds exactly like any recording of my voice that I've ever heard. Seriously, she has my fifteen year old voice.

Not only does she have my voice, she has my diction, my meter, my accent. She structures her sentences the same way I would. She tells a story the same way I would. There are all the prefaces, tangents, ramblings, bad jokes, she speaks and sounds exactly the same way I do.

It was like having a conversation with myself. Except I didn't already know the stories. It was a little creepy really. It's not like we grew up in the same house. She's my half sister, seven and a half years younger than me. She was in third grade when I graduated from high school, and Shelly and I always lived with our mother.

On top of this, she's apparently developed my body since she left for Florida. She is now one inch taller than me (making her 5'3 1/2") and weighs marginally more than me. I've always known we had the same bone structure, but now I can't wait to see her. Apparently she has my voice, my body, and I know she has the same eyes, nose, chin and complexion as me (less my slight freckling).

We could have talked for an age. I heard all about all the new friends, boys, parents, school, home and everything about her little life in Florida. She heard about all the silly stuff in my life, Writer Guy and Waste and roommates and the cat and school and my car and on and on.

She's theoretically coming up here on my birthday (that's the twenty-fifth) for her Spring Break. We really need to log some quality time together.

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