{ Friday, February 07, 2003 }


When I say I am living off of potatoes, I am not kidding. We aquired thirty pounds of potatoes awhile back. And we're poor. So, we're eating potatoes. Baked, fried, mashed, bear in mind that there's no butter or cheese here. Just potatoes. And olive oil if you really need butter that badly. We do have some milk, but it's due to go bad any second now.

There's no lack of spices here either. Although I don't want to know what happens if the garlic runs out before someone gets paid.

We also have plenty of oatmeal and spaghetti noodles and rice. And I was thinking that perhaps some bread would really increase our quality of life. So, today while I write my paper (that is, after I get off my ass and go to the library and research my paper), I might just bake some bread. I'm fairly certain we have everything I would need to make white bread...

The paper. Isn't that due like, in less than twenty-four hours, mary ann? Why yes, it is. I just can't imagine that it'll be that hard to write a five page paper about a foreign country. I think it might be hard to limit myself to five pages... considering that I am writing about everything including topography and culture. I mean, everything any decent encyclopaedia should be able to provide me. And considering that there is no bottom limit on sources for this thing...... I'm not too worried. Hell, I could write five pages about writing my paper right now.

Yes, but, mary ann, don't you also have homework due in that class? Yeah, I'm almost done with that. And a test? Yeah, I do, and I need to study for it as well. And don't you have plans with your boyfriend if you can manage to get all of this done? Yeah. So, um, don't you think you might should get on that? Yeah....

Right. I am going to finish my homework and then I am going to read those chapters for the test. And then I'll go to the library. Because once the research is done, the paper itself won't take more than two hours to write...

We are bland, bland starchy people right now. And my writing reflects that. Good for a research paper, bad for an online journal.

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