{ Saturday, February 01, 2003 }


I just had a thought in my head and I was all "I'm going to write about that now"....

And I was thinking how I was going to have to preface it with some mention of how I realize it was incredibly trivial....

And I got re-distracted by the tragedy unfolding before us today. So I forgot. I went back and looked at everything I had been looking at and tried to jog my memory, but whatever it was is sitting on the tip of my brain and refuses to come out.

Let's see... I was looking at my site stats and thinking how funny it is that so many people search for 'public sex in Devou Park' and end up here. I was talking with Jeff about his graduate school applications. I was talking with the green woman about insteads and keepers and such. I was smoking a cigarette. I was playing Solitaire and winning. I was considering going to the bathroom. I was reading Velcrometer... And something popped into my head. Then I turned my mind back to the tragedy and I couldn't remember anything.

And I know it was a good story. Let's see... what's happened recently beyond tragedy? The cat is a pain in my ass because I won't let him out. Last night he actually jumped onto Ellie's shoulder while she was walking up the stairs. Given that Ellie hates the cat, you can imagine how well that went over. I think I was supposed to be more concerned about it than just asking "Did he claw you? Are you okay?" but I'm not sure what else I was supposed to do.

Last night there was a communication error and I didn't go out until midnight. But then I got to share a bed with a warm boy and this morning he got up and made coffee before rousing me, so I don't care about not going out until midnight anymore.

I went to class this morning and after ten fifteen when someone came in to tell us we, as a class, got nothing accomplished.

Yeah, nothing is funny right now for more than two seconds. Whatever it was is gone now, because my entire brain is busy trying to wrap itself around the space shuttle falling apart so close to home. My life and my petty thoughts go on, but I can't stop thinking about it...

posted by mary ann 2:07 PM