{ Sunday, February 23, 2003 }

Confusion Also, My Weatherman.

There's more fucking snow out there. We haven't even had time to do something about the trees in the front yard, hell they were barely melted, not even dry yet, and it snows again. If Bill Meck is to be believed, it's going to snow some more this week too. Would someone please tell me what the fuck is going on that caused Central Kentucky to be covered in snow for almost a month solid?

Seriously, if something doesn't give soon, the poor school children out in the counties are never going to get finished with this school year. I swear I think there are some I've seen on the news everyday since mid-January. They really don't have a choice. One ice patch on a mountain road and that's the end of that busload of children...

For the record, I've had three snow days in my entire life. They were when I was in college and 18" of snow fell seemingly out of nowhere. Maybe I was just a 17 year old college sophmore who didn't pay enough attention to the weather reports, but it seemed to come as a shock to everyone else too. That's it.

My high school didn't believe in snow days. Really. My public elementary school's system, well, the town is small enough that they don't have busses. Everyone could feasibly walk to school. Which leaves no reason to call off school. I got days off for broken pipes, lack of electricity, that time the kindergarten caught on fire (my twelfth birthday), but not snow. Hell, we even got a few half days because of excessive heat.

I really want to know what is going on here. Normally, Bill Meck, my weatherman, to whom I am very loyal even though he bothers a lot of people and the other stations run ads that are basically trying to sell themselves as Not Like Bill Meck, can be counted upon to explain to me every nuance of every weather pattern. So, I totally understand where all of this snow has come from. I'm really anxious for the day that he explains to me why it keeps happening.

Bill Meck, just so everyone understands, is really excited about weather. Mostly I think he's excited about natural distasters. He always seems a little sad in the summer when he has to forecast "More Warm, Sunny Weather". Then he goes and does The Worst Weather In The World and tells us about it instead. If the other stations are to be believed, apparently his enthusiasm for breaking into programming at every chance and his dramatic flair is sometimes misconstrued by some Chicken Little-types to be frightening.

Sometimes I don't know if he loves the weather or he loves being on television that man. You can almost see his glee shining through at the top of the newscast when he is the first thing on screen after the dramatic ending to the 10 o'clock hour's programming. He always goes for the calm, non jarring approach in his "Good Evening, I'm Cheif Meteorologist Bill Meck". If you look though, you can totally see how much he loves it.

Anyway, I've just written way too much about my weatherman. The whole point is that I wish he would tell me what greater weather pattern is causing all this winter weather. I appreciate knowing where each system has come from, but I want to know why they keep coming here.

(oh my, I swear to you that my right ear just lost hearing almost completely for ten seconds there. My right ear is supposed to be my good one. I ought to erase all of this and write about how I hate being handicapped instead. Except that I tend to get all Pollyanna about it and remember how much worse off I could be. I mean, most of the time I can walk and mostly I can hear and only 25% of my teeth are toast. It could be so much worse, and I hardly feel like I have a right to complain. Except that I am sitting here writing this with a broken finger, two broken teeth and I swear to you my right ear really did stop working for ten seconds. I've never decided what the "correct" word is for the effect the OI has on me. You can really call me a cripple if you want. I won't be offended.)

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