{ Sunday, January 26, 2003 }

Poor Cat.

My kitten is hurt. I don't know what's wrong with him or how it happened. His right front leg is swollen, and he's limping. I called him over to me and he hopped right up and allowed me to touch it. He didn't get any more bitter than he ever would if I grabbed his leg.

There's a huge bald spot and a bruise mark. The bald spot is like all the hair just fell out there. There's no blood. And everything above the joint is swollen. But there's no cut and so it doesn't look infected and I felt the whole bone and he did not behave as though it bothered him one bit. I even touched the bald spot and he just nipped at my hand like he does any time I pick him up and try to get him to consent to examination. Like, this was less "Fucking stop that it bugs me" than I get cleaning his ears.

He's limping, but just barely. And he's still jumping on and off of furniture for seemingly no good reason. Not just like "can just when has to."... I think he's going to be okay.

Isis can't go outside now. Maybe never, but definitely not until he's healed. He's going to be a pain in the ass, but that's how it is. I don't see another option. [In Ohio, right now, Waste is sending me a short e mail flipping out about Isis being injured and wanting more details. That boy loves Isis as much as I do, and whenever I write about something that would make a cat owner concerned, he panics more than I do.]

edited to add this from Waste. It arrived at 9:15 last night.
You were right you got an immediate response to hearing the cat is hurt...! I want details and medical talk if you can make something up.

That's the whole e-mail. I half expect him to come down here and demand that Isis goes to the vet. I am watching him closely;right now he's playing "I wish your lap was big enough for me to roll over in." and I am actually catching him instead of letting him fall onto the floor. He's behaving as though he's fine and the swelling is down this morning. And he's still not going outside. No one worry too much.

posted by mary ann 4:18 PM