{ Wednesday, January 29, 2003 }

Oh My, You Are Scary.

mary: Last night, on our way to the bar, I went into the store at the corner and that new guy... Have you seen him? Looks to be about thirty-five, kinda heavy, mustache, really kinda scary looking?

Kristie: Does he have like calcium deposits or something on his teeth?

mary: Yeah! Him! He totally asked for my number!

Kristie: He hit on me too! He carded me for cigarettes and he said something about the picture and I was like "Okay, thanks." and then he said "Your picture would be pretty, cause you have the most amazing smile." and I said "Okay, thanks." and ran out of there.

mary: NO WAY! He carded me for smokes last night and complimented my picture and I was like "Oh. Thanks." and he said "But then I guess it's not hard for you take a great picture, you're so pretty."

Kristie: That is so disturbing.

mary: It gets worse. I'm standing there and I've given him my money and he still has my id and he looks at it again and I'm thinking "Oh my goddess, you're memorizing this picture so you can jack-off to it later." Except, then he says "Oh, you live right down the street. We should get together sometime. What's your number?"

Kristie: What did you do? I'm so glad mine still says my hometown.

mary: I told him my boyfriend was waiting in the car. It was actually true...

Yeah, so while I like that guy with the peroxide blonde hair and the girl with the blue eyeshadow, I really like her, I want her to be my friend and not just my clerk... the new hire at the corner store is gross. And totally makes me not want to shop there anymore.


If any of my neighbors are reading this, yes that was me in the sunflower boxers, sorority sweatshirt and four inch heels trying to get my cat out from under that truck this afternoon. And no, I wasn't wearing underwear. Sorry. It was an emergency. The first time I came out, I was trying catnip. When he finally came out, that was a can of food and a canister of treats. I had to violate my kitten's trust, but whatever, he's back in the house and I did give him the food....

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