{ Friday, January 17, 2003 }

First Day Of School.

Last night I went to my first night class. My first class in two and a half years. I am a student again.

At five thirty, Emma and I left for class. Because the snow was still falling and I probably would have had to get on the bus at like four thirty to get to class by six. Possibly earlier than that, actually. Because Lexington KY has the least efficient mass transit system I could imagine. It looks good on paper, but it doesn't really work well.

Class was fine. I didn't learn anything really, but I did take three pages of notes. I happen to think I take excellent notes. My professor seems like a nice, fun guy. Very down to earth. He seems to be more of a speaker than someone who engages the class, but he's a good speaker so it works for me.

I made an aquaintance during the break. I didn't have a lighter and so I watched to see which girls grabbed their purses and coats, but not their books during the break. Then I picked out one who looked like she'd be nice and asked her if she had a lighter I could use when we got outside. So, I learned where to go to smoke. I would've gone out the nearest door, but that wasn't quite right. And the girl seemed pretty nice. She's had this professor for three other classes and said he's good. She also started at private college, and one that has my sorority, but I didn't know how to ask if she had rushed since I didn't even know her name.

After class let out, I walked home. It took about 40 minutes. It took us forty-five minutes to drive there in the snow. I could've called someone or taken the bus, but that seemed unneccessary. The walk was actually pretty pleasant and my boots kept my feet freaking *hot* the whole way. But I'm sore today from walking all that way with a one strap bag. I need to get a backpack. I even got to catch most of Must-See-TV which is good because I forgot to set the VCR.

When I finally got to go to sleep last night at one thirty in the morning, I was as exhausted as a girl could be. I was like a toddler who didn't get her nap. I cried because I was going to have to put my sheets back on the bed before I could sleep in it. I cried because when I called WriterGuy he didn't ask me how school went. I cried because I had four personal e mails that all read like they were urgent and I couldn't sleep until I had answered them.

I didn't wake up today until eleven o'clock, but I think that's okay. I have to get up crazy early again tomorrow and it's going to be a long day tomorrow. Class at eight thirty (I can only stay for like 45 minutes, tops, but I need to at least get a syllabus) and then a trip to Cincinnati for my cousin's wedding at noon, which will more than likely be followed with a Saturday Night Outing of some sort with my cousins. WriterGuy is coming to all of this with me. Actually, he's driving since I still don't have car insurance. And we have to be back in Lexington by noon on Sunday which means leaving Mom's by ten fifteen. Which means not sleeping in properly.

Yeah so, tomorrow Writer Guy meets the fam. I think it'll go fairly well. They met BoyfriendFromHighSchool and NotBoyAnymore and Waste, and managed always to be nice to their faces (no one had a problem with NotBoyAnymore. They were fairly neutral to him. BoyfriendFromHighSchool, however, showed up to my family's Christmas Dinner having just taken a red magic marker to the center of his head. And Waste... well, they boo'ed him on the Thanksgiving video we watched this year). So I'm sure it
ll be fine and if it isn't, I'll be drunk anyway.

Oh, and Bob the TV suddenly went back into color last night sometime during Scrubs. We don't know what happened.

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