{ Monday, December 16, 2002 }

It's All Coming Together.

Sarah Ellen (that's Ellie to you) is getting married!!

She just told her parents tonight so now I think I can tell the internet. She doesn't have e mail, but I can hook you up with her mailing address if you want to send your congrats.

The date is January 17, 2003. Yes, that is in a month. We know. It can be done. The wedding will be here in Lexington. Expect the next month to be very high stress in my house as Ellie prepares to be a bride.

They are both very much in love and cannot wait to make it official. The groom has no known flaws and as far as I know is worthy of being Ellie's roommate for life.

That weekend. Wow. So, January 17 is my mother's birthday. And Ellie's wedding day. January 18, my cousin is getting married in Cincinnati. Obviously, I have to make both weddings. It's going to be a big weekend for me and my dress-up clothes and social skills.

But on the plus side... it's sounding like maybe I won't have to go bobbing for dates. The impression I got this evening is that Writer Guy is not moving away. I'm not holding my breath or counting my chickens since nothing is official until Wednesday. I do realise that after I tell him the charming stories from the last family wedding (where my mother and sister were not the only relatives dancing on tables), it might not matter if he has moved into the wilderness or not... actually, maybe I don't want a date for that one regardless...

So, there's the big news! Ellie is engaged!

posted by mary ann 11:32 PM