{ Friday, December 06, 2002 }


Today was going to be my day of (finally) being productive. The snow had thrown me a few days off on that one.

Does catching up on my magazines count as productivity? What about weaving?

I was up before nine am. I seriously considered showering. I knew that around seven thirty I had plans with Writer Guy and I had aspirations for the rest of the day. None of them came to fruition, but I did help Emma thread up a scarf that I think will be beautiful once it's woven... my street is still a solid sheet of ice and I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to get in a car on this.

Snow in Kentucky is normally a two day affair. It snows. It's snowy for a day. Then the snow begins to melt. That hasn't happened yet. I mean, the part of the walk that I salted has melted. My street? Ice. The trees out front? Covered in snow...

Around seven I hopped up and commenced with getting ready for my date or whatever. I finished braiding my hair (pigtails with yarn bows) and had pulled on tights and a skirt and a bra and a blouse, but hadn't gotten anywhere near make-up when he called.

He was worn out and blah blah blah, I was finally just like "we can go out some other time"... and he took me up on that offer for tomorrow night. I'm a bit bitter about it, but not fairly so. In all fairness to him... I suggested cancelling the plans. I almost pushed it on him. I don't doubt that he really was worn out and he really would rather see me on a non-work night. I totally understand that I had a choice in this really and also that he belonged at home tonight.

That said, I'm still bitter that my plans got all foiled after I bothered to get dressed... if I had still been in pajamas, I probably wouldn't have given this more than a sentence. But I was picking out shoes and wrestling my hair into submission. If I had gotten to make-up I might just cry with the wasted potential.

I never managed to get finished with the make-up once it was determined that no one else was both plan-less and looking to do something. I put on some jeans (over my tights) and trotted down to the gas station on the corner. The guy there made nice conversation with me while I unbundled enough to reach in my purse and make my purchases...

Yep, a walk to the gas station was the highlight of my Friday night... I'm currently considering doing something very random and kinda silly later tonight, but I'm not sure yet how well it would be received. I mean, I won't actually know unless I do it, so I think I might. Even though I don't know how well it'll be received...

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