{ Sunday, November 10, 2002 }


So, Friday night I had a date. For whatever reason, I was wearing a skirt. I don't know either. When he arrived I had just gotten off of the phone with my mother and was missing my cigarettes. I basically refused to go out without them (not that this was suggested or anything, but this guy is a non smoker). He followed me around the house as I searched for the smokes and prattled. They were in the bathroom. I don't know.

We went out and played some pool, I kept winning by default when he would sink the eight ball early or scratch on the break. I never managed to win of my own merits (he did). That's okay though. I had fun. Drank some beer whose name I don't remember. I actually liked it.

Saturday morning I was up at some unholy hour. And went out to breakfast with the date. I think he was a little appalled that I only wanted to drink coffee and eat a bagel, but I was a not really in any condition to be eating. I'm not really sure the sun had even had time for breakfast yet. So then he invited me over to his house to hang out and wait for a delivery. There was Indian Take Out involved. I spent the afternoon and evening filling in some of the gaping holes in my movie repetoire. It was fun, but I think he was appalled again by the simple fact that I just hadn't seen that many "blockbuster" movies.

I mostly see very obscure (but good) and very terrible movies. I usually somehow manage to completely miss the big ones. I have never seen Will Smith in a movie. Prior to yesterday I had only the vaguest notion about this Austin Powers business. Can't say as I have seen any of those very famous Jim Carrey movies. Basically, if it involves physical comedy or violence, I missed it. Not really on purpose so much as just because they didn't make more than a blip on my radar.

My problem with 'action' movies is that I can't follow them. I can't remember which character is who and what they're doing and it's really hard for me.

I don't think I've ever shared this here before but the entirety of the male population basically looks exactly the same to me. I always wonder how people can possibly pick someone out of a line-up. If I am watching a line-up on television and, you know, the crime was committed two scenes ago, I still can't pick out the person who did it. Guys all look basically the same to me. I have a hard time with any movie where there are two blonde guys or two long haired guys or whatever. I need them each to have one distinct feature. This is true of guys in real life too. (keledy did a much better job explaining this phenomenon...)

We both crashed out on his couch last night and this morning when I finally woke up, there were coffee and pastries waiting for me. How nice is that? I dreamt about plaid and purple horses. We woke up at four am because his weather radio was going off because there was a tornado watch and somehow from tornado I went to "Wizard of Oz" to colored horses. Then I was wondering if horses were plaid and purple if we wouldn't have either left them alone like zebras or maybe killed them all off like buffalo and then we wouldn't have invented the buggy and we never would have gotten to cars. Then I remembered something I saw on the history channel about steam engines and decided maybe if horses were plaid that we would be driving around in steam driven engines and maybe never would have gotten on the fossil fuels in the first place. I woke my date up to share some or all of this with him. I was still asleep myself I think. But I do remember the bit about the plaid horses. And he remembered me asking him "If horses were purple, would cars have been invented?"

That will be the name of my first album. "If horses were purple, would cars have been invented?"

This morning he broke out the guitar for me. He's good enough that it didn't come off at all smarmy. You know how you go on dates and the guy gets out his guitar and tries to impress you like you're just some groupie in waiting and you just sit there like 'yeah, okay, that's nice.' and you're thinking 'who does he think he is?'?? Yeah, not at all like that. No really. It wasn't. It was good music well played and I liked it. And he sings well. It was impressive.

But I never completely woke up today. I've showered. I've gone out (and I didn't have any sunscreen on and I think I maybe got a little bit burnt and that's very draining). I haven't brushed my teeth or changed my clothes yet, and I think that has hugely to do with it. Plus it's a Sunday afternoon. And I haven't consumed a simple sugar since Friday. If you'll remember, I normally basically subsist entirely on lifesavers (wint-o-green of course). I think my blood sugar might be at an all time low.

This has been one long weekend that basically just consisted of one long (but really nice) date. And now I am off to get myself some sugar.

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