{ Wednesday, November 20, 2002 }

Nice Folks.

The woman who lives next door (the one with the chicken coop and the drum playing son) was outside raking her yard and she yelled to me as I was riding my bike down the street on my way to get catfood.

"I'm going to steal your leaves next!"
"Please! Take them!"
"Okay, I just wanted you to know."

She came and knocked on the door and told Ellie what she was up to because she and her two children (and two of the children's friends or cousins or something) were ready to start on the yard before I got home. I came up and there they were, enthusiastically raking all the leaves in the yard. We have one very large and one just large tree out front. It's a lot of leaves.

Isn't that so nice? I know she's going to keep the leaves and mulch with them and what-not, but still, isn't that so nice?? As I passed Ellie in the doorway (she was on her way out) she suggested we bake them cookies or something soon. She's right.

I'm feeling all neighborly.

posted by mary ann 3:19 PM