{ Wednesday, November 20, 2002 }


Last night, all four of the girls who live here (including myself) found ourselves plan-less, date-less, etc; it was a night for girl's night in.

Emma and I went out and got a big bottle of Chi-Chi's premade mudslides and some extra rum and the Taco Bell (the Mexican boy working at Taco Bell flirted with Emma all in Spanish. It was really cute. He must've been distracted though because he messed up the order a little) .

Ellie and Kristi [that's the other girl who lives here, part-time. I mentioned her moving in, but we haven't really had many adventures together so you might've missed her until now] stayed home and cleaned and took care of the ice and what-not.

We were employing the formula of 1drink = 2.5 mudslides + 2 shots of rum

I was ta-rash-ed last night. If you talked to me, or I tried to send you an e mail at three am after everyone else had gone to bed, you know. I was ta-rash-ed.

We were looking for people to bring us some stuff. It was really kinda sad. Calling boys who we were half on the outs with, but playing the cute, desperate, drunk girl card trying to get them to come over and bring us stuff. Explaining point blank that we were poor and more or less asking for donations with a nominal amount of reimbursement. I talked to one friend whose number I had lost a long time ago in a caller-id battery fiasco (It I haven't called you in months, it was probably due to the caller-id fiasco). After he said no on helping us in our mission (he was writing a paper), we had a nice little chat. I'm hoping we'll stay friends this time.

At one point, I snuck upstairs on the grounds that I needed a sweatshirt or something and drunken dialed in secret. I only got to make one phone call, because the voicemail kept cutting me off and I don't remember how many times I had to erase and rerecord before I managed to get it all in.

At another point, Emma and Ellie had left the room. I cautiously asked Kristi if I could please use her phone. She passed it over. I commenced chatting with my friend's roommate. Emma came back in the room and was like "You didn't give her that phone? Do you know who she is calling? Oh no. You have to approve the call before she can drunken dial!" I'm pretty sure she was afraid I was calling someone who was long in bed or long out of my life. Cause, you know, that's how the drunken dial works. But I was being good and only called someone who was half expecting it and awake.

There was much giggling and discussion of all those things girls get giggly about when they're drunk. No one ever came through for us on our mission and we had to do without the stuff we were hoping to get. Instead we improvised with some very poorly made, over boiled tea (I made it. I was drunk. And my tea normally isn't that good anyway).

We've decided to just swear by the Chi-Chi's mixes at our house. Okay, so spiking the premixed mudslides with extra rum isn't exactly a sign of approval, but so far that brand hasn't ever steered us wrong. Other mixes have. I think we've also picked a liquor store to be our official sponser. The prices were low, the owner was working behind the counter (we asked who owned the place), and it's the closest to our house.

I really enjoy most of the local small business owners around here. It's really a completely different experience, shopping somewhere if you've become a regular and introduced yourself to the owner. If you're rude, you'll usually get your ass chewed (regardless of if you've introduced yourself or not), but if you're consistently nice, it's really a completely new level of shopping when the owner is behind the counter.

This morning I awoke feeling like I needed to consume two or three gallons of water before I might consider calling myself a human. Instead, I had a couple glasses of water and grabbed a can of Ale 8 out of the fridge. I set it on the counter and when I turned around, picked up a can and took a drink of it, I realised I grabbed the wrong can off the counter and the one I grabbed was mostly rum (in my bleary eyed state, I probably consumed another shot of rum). I think the combination of water, regular caffeinated, carbonated beverage and spiked beverage are coming together to make me feel much better. So, now I need to go and brush my teeth and all that crap.

Blogtrack is a wonderful tool. If you're reading more than just this blog, it really can make your browsing a much more efficient process. I'm finished checking everything I normally check and between notify lists and blocktrack, I feel like I've reduced the time spent a lot.

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