{ Wednesday, November 13, 2002 }

Fascinating Read.

So, James has published the minutes of the We Hate mary ann Club's last meeting. I know there are many people out there who should've been invited and weren't. I didn't organize it. I guess you should e mail the secretary (that's for information on the next meeting if you would've liked to attend.

I am sitting here wondering what the intention of e mailing these things to me really was. I mean, I guess they were hoping to be hurtful. My mother would say "That's not a very Christian attitude"... but whatever. If they were shooting for hurtful, they fell pretty short of the mark. If they were shooting for "point it out to her and perhaps she'll reform" again. . . The mark? It's over there, kids...

I would say that it is poorly organized and awkwardly worded though. Also, apparently there are 125 minutes to the meeting but they only bothered to publish eight. Or they don't quite get what the term "minutes" means in a meeting. Obviously they weren't following Robert's Rules...

If I had been making this list, I would've made it an outline. Because apparently this is more of a list of their problems with me than an actual business meeting's minutes. The major points I guess would be: Hypocritical, Hypo-critical, Blasphemous, Meglomaniac, and I have no idea what that eighth point means to classify it. Then I would've put the examples under them. Alas, but since they hate me, my input was not requested (I mean, they didn't even bother to ask for a list of names of the people who should've been invited!).

I'm not going to bother to deconstruct their list. I like me; so obviously I don't agree with them. And none of that came as news to me. I mean, they did pick at some obvious things. I guess my stubborn self-esteem and I just can't see how horrible those accusations really are...

Suffice it to say, I am pleased that the group has bothered to publish their opinions on the internet. And it's kind of fun to see so much thought and effort invested in deconstructing me. I just wish that they would've made a more effective list. I mean, if you're going to have an anti-fan club, you can only hope that they manage to accuse you of some horrible things... mine didn't though.

In the end, I don't know if their goal had anything to do with having an effect on me. If it did, I regret to inform them that they failed (unless the intended effect was to make me laugh so hard I fell off of my chair. If so, Good job!) If the goal was merely to air their feelings, then I guess they did well.

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