{ Saturday, November 30, 2002 }

Car, etc.

So, last night I had a dream in which I was driving in the Civic. The one I am thinking about going back to college over.

Mom's promised me the car, payment free, until I finish school. Going back to school would also mean no more student loan payments. Mom has also offered about nine times to pay the tuition. Sometimes as an interest-free loan, sometimes flat out.

No way am I going back to the college I started at, I'm afraid that's going to be a sticking point between Mom and I. She's going to want me to get those last few credits, I don't know exactly how many I need... Somewhere between six and eighteen... from the college where I got the other hundred and some. I don't want to go back there. Plus, they don't have night classes. And I do intend to get a job at some point.

I was investigating tonight. What a fun thing to do when you're thousands of miles from home, try to pick out a college.... The local "career university" would want me to take 88 quarter-hours of impossibly easy coursework to finish my information technology degree (that was my original major, afterall). However, it looks like I'd only need about 48 quarter-hours (possibly less, there are four classes I'm counting that I might not have to take) to finish a bachelor's in Business Administration (with a concentration in I.T.) which was my minor. That's less than a year! I could totally do that.

I'm afraid to try to transfer to UK, because I've forgotten which classes I even took, let alone what I learned in them. So the idea of attending UK really frightens me.

Plus, I'd rather deal in a school that loves adult education and night school and all that. Even if this year I am only old enough to be a fifth year senior.

The web-page never mentions how much this school costs... I need to know that before I approach my mother about it. But I could conceivably be in school January 6th, I think....

This leg thing is what's got me thinking I need to go back to driving. I can't hardly walk right now... Plus I do want a car...

Feel free to e mail on that encrouagement.

posted by mary ann 9:28 PM