{ Thursday, October 24, 2002 }

Who Am I? Don't Ask Me, I Don't Know.

So, okay, I haven't had an internet connection at home in a long long time.

I had to pick an ISP. I'd been using Emma's parents connection but that doesn't come with unlimited access and besides, this is my computer we're talking about.

Well, AOL has sent me enough free disks to wallpaper my room. So, I popped one in.

I had to pick a screen name. My old screen name was off limits as it is my old screen name and that account has been cancelled.

I chose my old name.

I changed my last name when I was thirteen to match my mother's. It seemed fair. I mean, she was the one who raised me and it was silly for her children not to have her name just because she's female. So, Shelly and I changed our names. Totally our call.

I often forget that my birth certificate and what-not all have the wrong last name on them. I mean, it doesn't occur to me that I haven't always had this name. But I guess my birth certificate would have my original name on it. I know my freshman year high school ID has the wrong name on it. But I just haven't seen me as mary OldLastName in almost ten years. It's funny. Actually I don't think I've ever just seen mary OldLastName. It was always Mary Ann OldLastName back then. However, my new screen name on AOL has my "original" name all over it. It's strange. And funny. I think it's funny.

posted by mary ann 11:53 AM