{ Tuesday, October 15, 2002 }

Turns Out.... I am really sick.

Yesterday Ellie and Emma and I sat down and with some outside help crunched the numbers... Then Ellie and I were the most productive I've been in months. We paid all the utility bills. We even put down the deposit for the gas service so our landlord can stop calling us like "What's the problem? Why am I still getting these bills?"

Then we tried to go to the doctor (she has a throat thing). We started at the Kentucky Clinic. Apparently the Kentucky Clinic wants nothing to do with you if you're not a student and it's after five PM. Good to know.

The lady said we could go to the Urgent Treatment Center. She gave us directions. Ellie didn't want to go there because it's very expensive. I just wanted something done about my ear. Plus my insurance co-pay is still only $10 since I am more than 50 miles from my primary care physician.

To the Urgent Treatment Center we went. Filled out the paperwork... You have to pay before they will see you there. Isn't that absurd? They weighed me, my sweater, coat, purse and boots. All together we weigh 115 pounds. She took my temp. I explained to her that normal for me is about 97.8. I started to expound on the theories I've come up with to explain why all my heat escapes my body, but it turns out my temperature was 101.0*F. Huh. I did not even suspect a little bit that I had a fever. Then the nurse looked in my ears and was like "There's not any wax buildup in there. I'll let the doctor look."

The doctor looked in my ear. "There's not any wax buildup in there." I explained to him that I sometimes get fluid in my middle ear and I would like something to dry it up. He didn't care. He looked at my throat. He said "You have a large infection on the left side of your head. It is blocking the drainage in your ear." I said "Might that have something to do with the wisdom tooth I am getting back there? Do I need to see a dentist?" He said "No, it's spreading from your tonsil." Then he tried to give me antibiotics. I insisted that he had to have proof that I have a bacterial problem before he gave me them. He swabbed my throat. He came back. "looks like strep."

Then we back and forthed about how I don't have strep throat because my throat doesn't hurt. He was arguing on the side of "Bone Disease Girl has a high threshold of pain" and I was arguing on the side of "Sure, but if my EAR hurts and my throat doesn't..."

I took the antibiotics. I took the first one last night. I need to go take another one right now. Oh, yeah, I am using this as my excuse to not go to work for awhile. Ten days of antibiotics. I must really be sick. Plus I don't feel any better yet. I get that I didn't feel bad before, but I think I should feel better (or buy a thermometer and find out if my fever is gone) before I go back to work.

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