{ Thursday, March 21, 2002 }
Waste skipped town without bringing me my money. I called his parents' last night and talked to him. He "forgot". He claims he is going to mail it in the form of a money order. I reminded him to keep the stub so that if it gets "lost" in the mail, he can have it cancelled and reissued.

My vision of what's to come? Me: calling daily, 'where's my money?' him: lots of lies. It's not like I haven't been through this before. I know that it has to be easier to lie to me than to try to engage me in an arguement, but I'm not stupid. HE really seems to think I am stupid. Like that month he lied about having a job.... a year ago...

I came home from work one day. Waste was not home. He had just started a new job at a videogame store by the mall. I figured he was working. It would take me ten minutes to drive there and get him, and it would take the bus an hour. I thought I'd see about picking him up. So, I called where he said he worked. They told me no one by that name worked there. I talked to the manager and received confirmation. I called the other location. Same deal.

Waste arrives home.

mary: so, where were you?
waste: work
mary: i called ------- [the place where he "worked"]. is there something you want to tell me?
waste: no
[This is the beginning of the end. I mean, why not just fess up? Obviously I was trying to give him the chance to come clean on his own.]
mary: they said you didn't work there.
waste: who did you talk to?
[Who did I talk to? What does it matter? You don't work there. Do you really think I am going to believe you when you tell me that you don't know that person and you're new and they must have just not known and I should have talked to your manager? Do you think I wouldn't ask to talk to the manager? Do you think that in a situation as serious as you lying to me for a month about not having a job that I wouldn't make for damned sure that I was right before I confronted you?]
mary: --------, the manager.
waste: which store did you call?
mary: both.
waste: okay so?
mary: so you don't have a job.
waste: right.

This is what it's like when dealing with him. He doesn't know when to just give up. I don't believe for a minute that he "forgot" to bring my money over. And I am not going to believe it when he "forgets" to mail it. Or when the postal system loses it.

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